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(The reason this was exciting from a mathematical perspective was that it was only recently possible to have a complex finite element mathematical model (run on a very powerful CRAY super computer) that could cope with large scale deformation and complete collapse of the finite elements and yet still carry on working. I was lucky that Dyna3D had been developed in time for my research work into Motorcycle Helmet impact and was available to the University of London Computer Centre to run on their Cray X-MP. My colleagues at Brunel University were typically using SUN workstations to run their models and of couse this would take forever compared to the Cray! Literally a full weekend - whereas I could run their models for them in about 2 seconds, including sending the code up to London and back! - they would ask me 'what's gone wrong?' but nothing had...)

Materials for motorcycle crash helmets - a finite element parametric study




A  general finite element model of a motorcycle crash helmet has been  created which incorporates the main features of proprietary designs  although of a simplified geometry. The behaviour under impact conditions is investigated, using the Dyna3d computer package, with  particular reference to the influence of shell stiffness and polystyrene liner density. Performance is judged in terms of maximum acceleration  and the head injury criterion, HIC. That the stiffness of the shell has a major effect on the behaviour has been established, this needing to be low to enhance the value of the helmet in reducing rider head injury in an impact. Furthermore the liner material should have a low density,  and hence also a low stiffness, so that the limited space available for its deformation is used to the maximum.

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