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When it comes to commercial use of this solution for true CI integration of perf testing into the build, we need to get our jmeter setup running on the main Jenkins server. The easiest (best) way to do this is to setup our cloud Jenkins as a slave to the main Jenkins. This has several advantages, not least of which is a transfer of perf testing resources to a dedicated cloud Jenkins, rather than running it on the main corporate server.

When setting up the Jenkins user for use by a master/slave it is important to get all the permissions correct for ssh. I found at first I could ssh with the Jenkins master/salve setup for the 'ubuntu' user but not the 'jenkins' user. But you need to use the 'jenkins' user in order to have all the correct permissions for the perf test.

(As an aside, after running with 'ubuntu' for testing purposes, I had to go over and delete a whole load of jars etc. that were now owned by 'ubuntu' on the jmeter controller)

Permissions for the various directories should thus be set to look like the equivalent 'ubuntu' user ones.

'jenkins' user home directory location set by the Jenkins install I think:




(compares with 'ubuntu' home directory permissions:


'jenkins' .ssh directory must be setup like this:


And authorized_keys as:


The above is all for ssh'ing onto the box with the 'jenkins' user. I have set permissions on the controller directories to full access but in practice, when you run tests, the user doing the work does need to own all the various files created, because on each test run, several files need to be deleted. So we have:

Main working directory (note the jmeter, ec2 tools and apache permissions:




Switching into one of the project folders, as typically used now, shows recent files, created by the Jenkins master/slave setup, using the 'jenkins' user via ssh. Note 'ubuntu' was used to setup the directory structure and copy over the project files. So permissions have been set for all users to be able to create runtime files where needed:


And in the results folder we have a lot of individual assertion results, a few of which are shown here:


Permissions in the log directory are similar to those in the results directory. So you can see where permissions are important when running these perf tests from a Master/Slave setup.

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