JM Example

JMeter Jenkins Working Project Example

We are now running several CI projects with different configurations. We run dev builds that isolate the code and full stack tests that are more easily signed off for deployment (by all interested parties). Typical jobs in a project:


Note the last job in that screenshot uses the build flow plugin to control environment build, parallel project test runs and tear down if both tests pass. More details here.

Typical graphs for an actual CI project. This is a dev build so the variance is expected. Shown here are the graphs for one of the many measured transactions:


Disk space monitor to keep an eye on the cloud controller:


Files produced in the Jenkins workspace for each test run:


The quick report lets you see the main numbers in one place. And it highlights failures quickly. The penultimate column is the result and the final column is the target


Full results files are also available in the workspace, so results can be analysed in detail if required:


And log files allow you to track down any test tool issues if they arise:


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