JM Hosts

JMeter scalability on Internal Hardware

This page is just to clarify that the solution doesn't need the cloud and can be instigated internally on hardware or VMs. This may broaden it's appeal to those projects where the cloud is not appropriate, internal test environments or locked down firewalls for example.

If you supply a list of host ips in the file, the controller will simply use those hosts and not try to instantiate or tear down cloud boxes:


The controller script considers this setup when it comes to specific results files. If using fixed hosts, it cleans up the /results directory before each test run. This is needed as these files are not date stamped:


Something to consider here is other general clean up of your injectors in this case. For example, the top level directory will build up a store of log files:


This solution has only been tested so far on Ubuntu 12.04.

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