JM Inject

Using an AWS Injector Image

Like the controller image (read that page first), I veered away from using an install script every time we wanted to spark up an injector and instead built a bespoke injector image in AWS.

The injector just needs jmeter installing (which needs java) and a few directories setup. Again, everything is installed under /usr/local:


Under the jmeter folder you can see the 'execute.jmx' file - that is the actual jmeter script that is run - the controller buiilds that for you. You can see the file that the controller puts on there and a lot of results files from previous runs. Of course if you spark up new injectors each time, this is all cleared up on termination. Here I have been re-using the injectors:


Under the results directory you can see more results files. These are from specific 'simple data writer' elements in the jmeter script. .csv files can be collated into one overall file by the controller. .xml files are copied up individually after a test run. More on this on the JM Results page


Under the data directory, you can see various data files copied over to each injector from the controller. The current version just copies the same files to each injector and leaves it up to the script to decide how to use them. This may change one day, so the controller splits up unique data fro example, across injectors:


To clarify, when you build your injector image, you need to create the data and results directories and, as can be seen above, I gave them full permissions so as not to block any actions from Jenkins, ssh sessions etc.

You can also create a plugins directory. The original script uses this to upload any specific plugins you need to use, including any custom jar you may build for some projects.

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