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JMeter / Jenkins Scalable CI Performance Testing Solution

I've worked with JMeter/Jenkins before for CI perf testing and I'd say it's the best out of the box solution currently (having been in a team investigating lots of other solutions from LoadRunner to Grinder). It offers immediate plug and play, quick script design and great graphics.

But previously I'd been limited to one JMeter load injector and hadn't looked for a fully scalable solution because I had other tools for that purpose. But this solution provides full scalability and opens the doors for full on CI performance testing - perhaps run overnight due to time scales so maybe not strictly CI, depending on your setup.

So on this page I'll show how all the above comes together to give plug and play Jenkins CI.

The ultimate aim of the CI part of this project is to have performance testing as part of the daily (or hourly) build and to quickly pick up on any introduced performance issues. We are after reports showing performance and failures and of course a failure should stop the build - Maybe - this is open to discussion - the trouble with performance stopping the build is it interrupts the functional teams from working and it may not be the most efficient solution. If you don't want to stop the build, set the performance requirements higher.


Tip of the day: bash scripting is easier if you DON'T have spaces in your project names, like I did (!):


As seen on the controller page, to use jenkins we simply run the tests from a Jenkins shell. in this case, we run the test on 3 hosts, copy results to the workspace and check on two transactions for their 95th percentile values:


Do check the JM ToDo page as there are a few more steps that I do need to add to this build process before using it in earnest. See here and here

NOTE: The $WORKSPACE variable does not currently work in Jenkins under windows. This has been a long standing known issue. If you are working under windows, you must hard code the workspace path for each project.

Post build, we copy the projects artifacts over from the workspace to the build directory. This is just for later scrutiny if needed. I do limit the number of builds to keep but you may want to review this policy depending on disc space and your specific requirements:


Also add a post build step to publish the performance test results in the JMeter plugin:


If you are using Jenkins with the EC2 API tools (sparking up injectors and tearing them down etc.), you will need to set up the Jenkins user profile. By default this user doesn't seem to have a .profile or .bashrc but you should be able to copy over the ubuntu .profile. Switch to user jenkins with 'sudo su jenkins', go to the home directory (cd ~), in my case '/var/lib/jenkins' and edit (or make) the .profile there.

You should have something like the following in the jenkins user's .profile:

export PATH
export JAVA_HOME=/usr
export EC2_HOME=/usr/local/ec2-api-tools
export PATH=$PATH:$EC2_HOME/bin

export AWS_SECRET_KEY=yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
export EC2_URL=

Restart Jenkins to pick up the changes with:

sudo /etc/init.d/jenkins restart

Here is the latest Jenkins script, including a check on environment variables, a test to make sure the jmeter script ran before we do the analysis and a call to the latest script:


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