JM Threads

Splitting Virtual Users across Injectors

Iíll start getting into some coding details now. This part is straight forward as Iím not using quite a large part of the original solution: splitting up threads automatically across injectors. The original solution allows you to specify a number of threads in your jmeter script which will be split evenly across injectors for you. This sounds good but Iíll show you why it doesnít work for me.

Here is a snippet of the controller code:


The problem comes when you have several thread blocks in your script, with initialisation and shared data setup by bespoke threads. In the example script I have included, we have an initialisation thread that reads the injector id for example and a data thread that reads a csv file into memory. The data file is then used by all users in the main block:



With the setup above, splitting up threads across injectors gets confused - in practice I found it trying to give me extra users as it couldnít split 1 user from the initialise thread across 3 injectors for example.

Also, the way I intend to work with these jmeter scripts is to test them on the target injectors to see how many users I can run per injector. This is highly dependent on the script itself - how many objects it uses etc. So once I have established the limits of users per injector, I can then leave that and increase users by increasing injectors. I feel happier myself having this more direct control on users per injector.

So Iíve effectively commented out the threads section of the controller. This can easily be reset if it fits your needs:


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