Transaction Rates and Build Pass/Fail

Something else that would be great for Jenkins CI builds is to check the transactions per second rates. A build may fail if the pass rates are not high enough or if the fail rates are too high.

To do this, I have used the same assertion files as for the assertion checking

Code snippet:


After the test run you can then call to report results back to screen:


And the output is presented in the log to three decimal places. One problem here is that jtl files (with the jmeter/jenkins plugin) only accept integer values. So the values need adjusting for graphical display. This may be an issue for low transaction rates but the pass / fail criteria is based on the decimal values so that at least is more accurate:


Also, again, the jmeter plugin graphs are not very configurable so the title says responding time. This will just have to be explained to your users. The left graph shows the rate to the nearest integer and the right graph shows the pass fail status (0 or 100 I'm afraid instead of pass fail. 0% errors = pass, 100% errors = fail):


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