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Kicking off a webPageTest run with JMeter

A webPageTest test run can be started by posting some info to /runtest.php. You can use GET or POST. Typical data to send down is:

    number of runs
    results format
    first view only or both (browser uncached and cached)
    location (of test machine)
    url (to be tested)

This solution sends:


A lot of this data is passed in from the top of the test plan, which in turn can be set on the JMeter command line, i.e. passed in from Jenkins for example:


The script argument is sent in with ${script} which is picked up from a csv file (see below). If you haven't used JMeter before, rest assured it really is straight forward, drag and drop GUI elements, click click click, and there's plenty of help on the net through Google


The format of the CSV input data file and how to construct it warrants it's own topic and is discussed here in detail

From the above request we get some useful data back:

    1. Current Test status
    2. XML URL
    3. User URL

And these are then used to poll the test run until it finishes. If we do not get anything back for test status then we abort the run at this point:



That's it for starting the test run, some data is logged to file, which will later be copied up to the Jenkins workspace, but the next stage is to poll the test status until it's finished. See here for details.

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