Canon 1Ds Mark II in Victoria

On this page I’m going to explore around Victoria, London with a Canon 1Ds Mark II

I’ll use a Sigma 15mm fisheye lens here and show you the pictures without any manipulation. This lens is really good for capturing the taller London buildings.

But before that, I’ll just pull up some older shots taken with this lens, where I have done some post processing, particularly to combat the fisheye distortion. (I’ll show more of these after the Victoria album. Just scroll down to see everything).

2009-03-19 London 1Ds NR lunchtime
Here is a shot straight out of the camera, using the Sigma 15mm fisheye lens:

And after some manipulation. In fact I use a 3rd party application to do this. And I just use it’s fisheye setting to remove distortion. It has specific sliders for this type of lens:

Around Victoria, London. September 2017