Carl Zeiss Jena Sonnar 2.8/180

Carl Zeiss Jena SONNAR 2.8/180 DDR Pentacon Six Mount

I’ve had a couple of these lenses over the years and used them on Film and Digital. They are superb and rightly known for their subtle ‘bokeh’ - the way a lens portrays the out-of-focus parts of the image. It is surprising how important this quality is in a photograph but you can clearly see it if you experiment with your own lenses, with wide apertures, comparing how different lenses render those areas in your photos.

Having said that, I’ve chosen the pictures below, just because I like them! rather then any ‘bokeh’ considerations.

First, here’s the lens itself. In fact I’ve replaced this version with a newer non-zebra version for my digital camera because the later lenses are better coated, which does help cutting down flare, which I think is more of a problem on digital cameras actually.

And here are a few example shots taken with this lens:

These two below from 2009-04-26 R - N portraits 180mm f2.8 sonnar lens 1Ds: