Mamiya Raw Processing

Free RAW processing for Mamiya MEF files

I have got an older version of Photoshop elements and it is great for playing around with images but really I like to take my pictures as near to complete as I can straight out of the camera. But I do shoot raw and I do want to get the best out of my digital files, hence the use of Raw Therapee. I often then follow this up with Gimp for windows to add the occasional effects. On this page I’ll show a few examples of what this combination can do with Mamiya files. [This page also covers the GMic plugin with Gimp. I have found the latest 64bit version of this plugin is a lot better performance wise and doesn’t run out of memory like the 32 bit version did. To install this, unpack it and add the path to ‘GMIC-GIMP-PLUGIN-64bit-WIN’ under Edit, Preferences, Folders, Plug-ins - press the new button, maybe twice, browse to the folder.]

Update: Open Source Editing Setup ( 2019-03-14 )

Main Raw Therapee screen ( 2014-02-13 ) (shown here but click for larger view)



1. Original JPG out of the camera (squished for the web):

2. Out of Raw therapee with default settings. White balance is off and can of course be changed, but I am preparing for a specific BW image effect here:





3. Add some 30’s glow with Gimp - lots of gaussian blur to top layer, blend with ‘lighten’ mode:

4. Crop and desaturate with Gimp:





5. Added some noise. I still want to investigate grain in Gimp. I’m after a 30’s finish:

6. Raw Therapee on a MEF file. Black and white portrait conversion:





7. Found a great GIMP plugin for film effects: GMIC. Excellent - just what I like. Here it is, used to create a colour film look and then used again to add more grain. Final vignette added with Gimp:

And these crops show the stages used:
8a. small jpg straight out of the camera (for reference):





8b. Apply colour film effect using GMIC GIMP plugin (Kodak Elite 100 XPro):

8c. Duplicate layer. Add a lot of Gaussian blur. Blend top layer with ‘lighten only’ mode: