Nikon F301

The Nikon F-301 is a very capable SLR from 1985. It has lots of usable features such as aperture priority mode, two programmed modes, dx coding and an electronically controlled shutter.

There's no auto focus but this model does have a 2.5 frames per second built in frame advance. It is built of plastic but if does feel quite robust, probably due to the weight of the motor wind and the AA batteries that this one uses - some use the smaller AAA batteries.

When the examples pictures below were taken it was a bright sunny late summer's day, with the sun quite low in the sky by mid afternoon, which caused lots of problems for the budding photographer. The event was a local annual show of the working steam and diesel engines, on their 4 mile long stretch of track through the English countryside.

The automatic exposure modes of the Nikon F-301 were not going to cope well with this situation, especially when details of locomotives were wanted against a background of bright blue sky. So manual exposure was used. This is where the camera did let the user down slightly. The trouble is that the exposure meter is a series of small LEDs running up the right hand side of the viewfinder. But when looking in to a bright blue sky, it is impossible to see those little LEDs! So a bit of guess work was involved...

Anyway, the Nikon F-301 did produce some nice shots at the end of the day and this was all using one lens - a Vivitar 35 mm f2.8 prime from around the same era as the camera itself. Some Photoshop Elements work has been carried out on just about all of the shots but the quality of the camera does shine through. Untitled-15 below for example is very heavily cropped from a view of a field as wide as Untitled-14. I hope you like them!

Nikon F301 Album 3rd September 2006