My Street Picture: How It Was Done

I actually wanted a picture of the cobbled street, 'cos they're just re-doing it and it wont be the same for another hundred years (see both pictures below). So I took this first shot. And then noticed the 4 guys that were well captured - two of them looking directly into the camera. And, because I am using a high level camera, I know I can crop in and keep the quality. This is usually difficult to do. Most of my pictures are not so hit and miss as this, it doesn't generally work. Better to plan and capture exactly what you want right in the camera.

(I've put the final shot at the bottom of this email, so you can see what I'm talking about - this web page is from one of my email trails...)

So, here is my first shot:

19th March 2019


AND this is why I took that picture - the other end of the road: This will be all the way along in a few weeks:


Final 'street shot'. if you look above, you can see where this has come from: You do need a good camera to be able to also get enough detail in such a heavy crop: (I can print this crop at A3 size in fact):