Pentax Spotmatic

The Pentax Spotmatic almost needs no introduction. I am biased towards Pentax because I had a K1000 in my youth, which was an excellent camera and is still my benchmark for 35mm SLRs.

The Spotmatic is the forerunner of the K1000, with screw in lenses instead of bayonet mount but otherwise quite similar. It is a nice size camera and has 'Through The Lens' (TTL) metering, which is easy to see with the needle meter inside the viewfinder (compare to my comments about the Nikon F301). One slight issue is the battery which is no longer available but you can use ...., available here... But you need an adapter which is basicaly a small ring of plastic that wraps around this small replacement battery so that it fits snugly in the slightly larger battery compartment.

For the pictures below, I didn't actually have a battery for the Pentax Spotmatic and used a hand held meter instead. These pictures were taken on a pleasant day but inside a very dark old wind mill in Buckinghamshire, England (website?). There were a few dim light bulbs hanging around the place and some daylight coming in through the old small windows but generaly it was quite a dark place to be photographing.

I used a Takuma 55m f1.8 lens for all the pictures below, many of them hand held at around 1/25 second and f2. Given these limitations I am quite pleased with the results. Like the Kodak No. 2 Autographic, I processed the film in less than ideal conditions and yet there is still enough detail in the shots to provide very nice A4 (8 x 12 inch) prints.

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