Sigma SD14

When I first considered the Sigma cameras I used them mainly for infrared photography, because of the easy removal of the IR/UV blocking filter, right at the front of the camera body.

But, since using the DP2 for my holiday snaps, I have come to appreciate the Sigmas for a lot more than this. They are in fact very capable cameras, with incredible sharpness and levels of detail not seen with normal cameras today. Well, not at amateur prices anyway.

So for the moment, here are some photos taken around London, with a manual 28mm M42 lens. First, I'll show you how to setup these lenses with this camera, as it's not obvious before you do some internet searching:

With the SD14 in
Manual Mode you:

  1. set the aperture on the camera body to 1.0 and leave it there (see diagram below)
  2. then stop the lens down to the desired shooting aperture and
  3. adjust the shutter speed to the desired speed ie metered to +-0 or +.3 or -.3 etc etc

Or in Aperture Priority Mode you:

Set the exposure mode to A. Set the aperture to 1.0 as above. The SD14 then correctly sets the shutter speed for any aperture you set manually on the lens. (I have tested this method and it does work fine)

Album 1: Birds on an RSPB garden feeder

2019-03-21 London SD14 lunchtime with a Vivitar 28mm M42 lens


Queen Boudica:

Queen Boudica in her modern context:

The street:

Detail: straight out of Sigma Photo Pro 6.6