Zeiss Ikon Nettar 518/16

The Zeiss Ikon Nettar 518.16 is a medium format 6x6 Folder with a 75mm f4.5 Nova - Anastigmat lens and shutter speeds to 1/200 second that was produced from 1949 to 1957.

Compared to the Agfa isolette, the Zeiss Ikon Nettar is a high quality camera. Indeed is is very nice to use, with a good solid feel to it and a quality finish. Like the Agfa, it folds to a neat package that easily fits in a pocket, particularly because it folds nice and flat, unlike many modern point and shoots.

And after 50 years of use the bellows are still light tight - this was tested by shining a torch inside the bellows in a darkened room and looking for any pin holes, especially in the folds. There were none - unlike the Agfa isolette already mentioned. I’m sure that the difference is due to the quality of the materials used.

The pictures below were taken in Spain in June 2006

Original picture

We were sitting on the local beach when a horseman came along. I ran back for my camera and quickly took a picture. He was very friendly and offered to pose for me. So I adjusted the camera settings slightly - always a pain with these old cameras if you are in a hurry - Focus, aperture, shutter - check the light on your separate hand held light meter etc. etc. Well I guessed at most of them...

After a little digital work

I use Photoshop elements 4 for most of my digital photography needs. It offers excellent value for money for a keen amateur. This cropped version prints perfectly well at A4 and I didn’t use the maximum resolution of the scanner. I like the grain myself but this can easily be removed digitally with a noise removal plugin or with PS Elements’ built in noise removal filter.

The view from the roof of the flat

Taken in the late evening. All the (film) pictures on this site are scanned with a Canon 9950f scanner, which is a pretty good flatbed scanner with film capability. You can see on this scan one inherent problem - the Newton rings, visible on the right hand side just above the horizon. I get my colour film developed at Forest Photographic who give me wonderfully flat negatives, ideal for scanning.