Sigma Sd14 Album 1


RSPB Bird Feeder in a Garden 4th August 2019
Using the Sigma zoom lens: 28-300mm f3.5-6.3

(11 images)

Taken at 196mm focal length and cropped to about 1/4 of the frame area

Camera settings

You can see on several of these where the squirrels have been attacking the feeder to get to the seeds

Morning John,

Here's are own gardeners world entry for today!

I planted a couple of Hazel trees about 3 years ago to fill a gap in our hedge. They are easy to grow 'cos they're natives, been here for thousands of years. BUT, how they've managed that I don't know. Maybe red squirrels (our native ones) are a bit more savvy than these grey American ones...

So, I've got lots of Hazel nuts growing this year. A bit tricky to get close up images of them 'cos of light and shutter speeds etc., but I've got one good shot below but these young trees have already got 10's of nuts growing on them.

But, the grey squirrels round here are already taking them. I saw one today run off with one. So how can the trees survive? The nuts are nowhere near ready to harvest. Why are they eating them already? Greedy Americans I'd say, listening to Donald too much...

Pictures from this morning:

My two young Hazel trees: They are actually in the ground, those flower pots are for other things: They will be part of the hedge proper in a few more years:

Some of the young Hazels growing. My other images this morning are a bit fuzzy. I will get some more shots again, for my court appearance, when I can get my own back on these silly squirrels...:

The evidence. I did see a squirrel this morning running off with this nut... He has left some evidence behind though... If only we had squirrel/human courts...

Got a few more Hazel pictures: Shame we won't get any of these to eat really: