The Lens

This is a young site at the moment but I hope that it will grow as I start to use my old film cameras recently inherited from my father. He was a keen collector and in his hey day used many of these types of camera as an amateur photographer - selling portraits and wedding albums as a side line to his main job.

Here is my father when he was young. I scanned this from a set of negatives that I found in his study. I guess this was around 1956 when he was about 25 years old but I can’t be sure.


Here are some of my Father’s mates, from the same roll of film as the above picture. One of them probably took the above picture.


Below are some photo albums from around this site. use the MENU in the top <- LEFT <- to navigate around.

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(Total albums is: 24)
Canon 1d Mark Ii Album 1

Canon 1dsii Victoria Album 1

Canon 20d Album 1

Canon 20d Album 2

Canon 20d Album 3

Canon 20d Album 4

Fuji F40fd Album 1

Mamiya Zd Album 1

Mamiya Zd Album 2

Mamiya Zd Album 3

Nikon F301 Album 1

Pentax Me Super Album 1

Pentax Spotmatic Album 1

Pentax Spotmatic Album 2

Pinhole Album 1

Sigma Dp2 Album 1

Sigma Dp2 Album 2

Sigma Dp2 Album 3

Sigma Sd14 Album 1

Voigtlander Vito B Album 1

X9q Album 1

X9q Album 2

X9q Album 3

Yashica 44 Album 1