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Updates for running WebPageTest trhough Jenkins

I am still using WebPageTest locally and this page will add to the legacy pages with any new developments on my project.

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JMeter script: Raw Results Processor groovy code update

I wanted to pull out and graph some different metrics today and found a more reliable way of grabbing the data from the csv file web request. This change is now included in the new JMeter scripts*: webpagetest-urlList-scripts-docLoaded-monitor.zip and webpagetest-urlList-scripts-docComplete-monitor.zip

I've also added some new graphs for (full view) downloaded bytes. See below for code snippet for this as well. See the new JMeter script for full details.

1. Changed this code:
  else if(testDataSet[i] == 'DOM Content Ready End')
      domReadyEnd = i
  else if(testDataSet[i] == 'Time to Title')
      titleTime = i
  else if(testDataSet[i] == 'Load Time (ms)')
      loadTime = i
  else if(testDataSet[i] == 'Time to First Byte (ms)')
      TTFB = i
  else if(testDataSet[i] == 'Requests')
      requestsNum = i
      For this slightly improved method:
        if((testDataSet[i]).indexOf('Load Event End') == 0)
            loadEventEnd = i
        else if((testDataSet[i]).indexOf('DOM Content Ready End') == 0)
            domReadyEnd = i
        else if((testDataSet[i]).indexOf('Time to Title') == 0)
            titleTime = i
        else if((testDataSet[i]).indexOf('Load Time (ms)') == 0)
            loadTime = i
        else if((testDataSet[i]).indexOf('Time to First Byte (ms)') == 0)
            TTFB = i
2. Added some new graphs to the model:
  vars.put 'runStatus', 'true'
  vars.put 'returnCode', '200'
  file_bytes_full_uncached_JTL.append '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>\n'
  file_bytes_full_uncached_JTL.append '<testResults version="1.2">\n'
  file_bytes_full_uncached_JTL.append '<httpSample t="' + Integer.toString(bytesFullUncached) + '" ts="' + time.toString() + '" s="' + vars.get('runStatus') + '" lb="eventTime" rc="' + vars.get('returnCode') + '"/>\n'
  file_bytes_full_uncached_JTL.append '</testResults>\n'
  file_bytes_full_cached_JTL.append '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>\n'
  file_bytes_full_cached_JTL.append '<testResults version="1.2">\n'
  file_bytes_full_cached_JTL.append '<httpSample t="' + Integer.toString(bytesFullCached) + '" ts="' + time.toString() + '" s="' + vars.get('runStatus') + '" lb="eventTime" rc="' + vars.get('returnCode') + '"/>\n'
  file_bytes_full_cached_JTL.append '</testResults>\n'